Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Liquid Mind ® Music by Chuck Wild

Surrender to Love

Liquid Mind Music Video: Surrender to Love

Nature Relaxation™ Videos

Produced by well-known cinematographer and photographer
David Huting, Nature Relaxation™ videos are highly regarded 
worldwide for their therapeutic benefits, high quality, and artistic style.

Nature Relaxation™ videos are used by leading hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic,
Florida Hospital, and by a wide array of industries, healthcare practitioners and institutions.

Browse a collection of Nature Relaxation videos featuring music by Liquid Mind

Nature Relaxation videos featuring music by Liquid Mind

Sampler Video: Soft Focus Ocean/The Joy of Quiet Rain

From Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

Liquid Mind Videos by Alain Gauthier

Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Soft Focus
from Liquid Mind X: Meditation
My Silent Knowing
from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

Alain Gauthier, the extraordinarily talented choreographer/co-director of Cavalia, and formerly acrobatic choreographer of Cirque du Soleil created these stunning videos with Liquid Mind music.

Alain creates spatial environments using pixel choreography. It's truly unlike anything I've seen.
My great gratitude to Alain for his beautiful setting to my music. See:

Liquid Mind Videos by Art101

Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music
Teach Me to Whisper
from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit
Breathe in Me
from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep

Real Music, the label I'm signed to, produced this informative video about using deeply relaxing music for sleep and relief of stress while recovering from anxiety. The music is "Letting Go" from Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby.

Production Notes for "Teach Me to Whisper" and "Breathe in Me" Videos

From Chuck: I asked video director and graphic artist Andy Markley to produce these short interpretations of excerpts from two of my favorite pieces. "Breathe in Me" is from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep, and "Teach Me to Whisper" is originally from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit. "Teach Me to Whisper" was used in the delightful 2009 Sam Mendes' film "Away We Go." I hope you'll enjoy a short mini-vacation while watching them.

From Andy: It's always an honor and privilege to work with projects for Liquid Mind. I hope you'll find these videos as healing as the music which inspired them.

© 2003-2019 Gold Masque Music (ASCAP), One Iron Publishing (ASCAP). Used by permission of Real Music ®.
Videos directed and produced by Andy Markley,

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