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Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep


Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind - Relaxation Music

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep is the eighth soothing album in Liquid Mind’s series of ultra-slow healing music, and honors the need in all of us for quality rest. This peaceful album has charted #1 iTunes USA new age chart multiple times. As we spend nearly a third of our lives in sleep, devoting a few minutes to a pre-sleep regimen is a good investment in a long healthy life. Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep is deeply tranquil, and easy on the ears, a perfect companion to our preparation for a good night’s sleep. Composer Chuck Wild presented at the American Music Therapy Conference in 2005 regarding the use of sedative music in healing from his own anxiety and panic attacks. To read excerpts from his presentation, click here. This gentle album was awarded the #2 spot on’s Best New Age Albums of 2006.

Dr. William Dement, M.D., Ph.D, Director of the Stanford Sleep Disorders and Research Center, has said about this album: “Mr. Wild successfully creates a soothing and calming atmosphere which could be an excellent addition to one’s nightly sleep regimen.”   Dr. Dement is the leading authority on sleep, sleep deprivation, and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago where he participated in the first observations of Rapid Eye Movements during sleep, and was the first to recognize REM sleep as a distinct biological state with unique properties including vivid dreaming. In 1970, he founded the world's first sleep disorders center and in 1975 founded the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Dement has made many scientific contributions, among the most important of which are the elucidation of sleep debt and the long-term consequences of sleep deprivation in all components of society. He has also written an authoritative and entertaining book entitled The Promise of Sleep. To download a PDF of the Liquid Mind Sleep Tips, click here.

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Track list:

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1. Night Light
2. Moment of Grace
3. Journey to Peace
4. Breathe in Me
5. Adagio for Sleep
6. Touching Calm

Total Time 56:18

From the artist:

The titles of the first seven Liquid Mind albums have honored values important to me on my life's journey. This eighth album honors the need in all of us for a healthy and regenerating rest each night. Adequate rest is fundamental to my life . . . things that seem overwhelming when I'm tired are often easily accomplished when I am well rested and relaxed. I hope you'll enjoy my music, and use it in good health.

Popular with healing professionals for over ten years, the “sedative” music of Liquid Mind has been used in dozens of healing applications: Anxiety & panic management, addiction recovery and rehabilitation, chemotherapy centers, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, anger management, sleep disorders, guided relaxation and meditation, correctional institutions, guided imagery, maternity settings, post-surgical recovery, veterinary post-surgical recovery, yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, hospice, and pain management.

- Chuck Wild, Los Angeles, March, 2006

From the label:

The excellent production values on the Liquid Mind albums reflect Chuck Wild's extensive experience working with many world-class artists, as songwriter, synthesist, composer, producer, and arranger. Chuck’s compositional skills continue to infuse these albums with beautifully crafted sonic and melodic soundscapes.

The Liquid Mind albums have become a steady favorite among massage therapists, Yoga teachers, anxiety management clinicians, and all those who use relaxation music as a tool to help manage the stress in their lives.

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